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On July 4, 2017, a license agreement was signed between Georgian Alco Group LLC Georgia, and Odessavinprom PJSC for bottling TM Vaziani wines. Wine is bottled according to the technological instructions of Georgian Alco Group LLC approved by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. The wine is created by the winemaker Zurab Kuchukhidze. PJSC "Odessaavinprom" is one of the best in Ukraine in terms of equipment of production and technological base. Modern technologies of winemaking allow preserving the best characteristics of the terroir, formed in selected grape wines. The bottling department contains a modern European-made bottling line that maximizes the preservation of the taste and aroma of wine and its natural properties, ensures the stability of the product during further storage.

Саперави красное Вазиани ТМ.png
Ркацители белое Вазиани ТМ.png
Пиросмани красное Вазиани ТМ.png
Пиросмани белое Вазиани ТМ.png
Алазанская долина красное Вазиани ТМ.png
Алазанская долина белое Вазиани ТМ.png
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