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Алазанская долина красное Вазиани ТМ.png

Semi-sweet red wine Alazani Valley TM Vaziani - the taste of wine depends primarily on the grapes, Alazani Valley TM Vaziani is made exclusively from Saperavi grapes. Winemaker Zurab Kuchukhidze approached the creation of this wine with special inspiration. And the wine is of excellent quality! Although it is a table wine, it has a body, density, it turned out worthy and is in no way inferior to more eminent wines. Even without having drunk it, just bringing the glass to your lips, you will smell the notes of fruits and berries, with the first sip you will feel the taste - prunes, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and Saperavi! Tannins create a tightening effect in the oral cavity, unobtrusive sweetness with a slight sourness, almost not felt, the aftertaste is long, velvety! The most suitable serving temperature for the table should be between 14 and 16 ° C. The wine goes well with such meat dishes: As beef steak with lingonberry sauce, grilled chicken with spicy spices, turkey stew with herbs. May be served as an aperitif.

Алазанская долина красное Вазиани 3 л..p
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