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Саперави красное Вазиани ТМ.png

Wine Saperavi TM Vaziani will captivate you from the first sip, it has a balanced astringency, a similar flavor bouquet is difficult to find. Having tasted this wine once, you will forever remember its languidly tart taste with a delicate aroma of blackberries and smoked currants, a pronounced taste of prunes. Wine Saperavi TM Vaziani - the wine got its name directly from the Saperavi grape variety, the Saperavi grape from which the wine is made is collected in the Alazani Valley, Kakheti region, Georgia. After fermentation, the wine matured in an Iberian oak barrel for 6 months. Wine is best served with fatty, rich dishes. For example, satsivi, pilaf, lamb dishes, shashlik.

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