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Gelati, a village in western Georgia, is famous for the fact that the Gelati Monastery of the Virgin Mary is located there - the most significant medieval monastery in Georgia. The center of church and cultural life, the monastery was founded by King David IV the Builder in 1106 and became his tomb. The cathedral church was built until 1125 and for another five years it was decorated with mosaics , which are considered the best in the entire Transcaucasia. At that time, the monastery was the seat of the Gelati Academy , whose members were keenly interested in ancient Greek philosophy., World Heritage Site (1994).
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Wine under the Gelati trademark, produced by Georgia in Soviet times and deservedly enjoyed success in the post-Soviet space, in the early 90s of the last century, wine production was discontinued.
The Georgian Alco Group holding company in 2016 decided to revive the Gelati trademark and launched a line of table, vintage and elite wines under this trademark.


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Wines under the Vaziani trademark are created by the Georgian winemaker Zurab Kuchukhidze, a Georgian technologist, at the Odessavinprom PJSC. PJSC "Odessaavinprom" is one of the best in Ukraine in terms of equipment of production and technological base. Modern technologies of winemaking allow preserving the best characteristics of the terroir, formed in selected grape wines.

Vazi is translated from Georgian as grapevine, and Vaziani is a plot of land on which grapes are grown. The vineyards of the Georgian Alco Group holding are located in various micro-zones (appellations) of Georgia. Each microzone is different in its terroir (fr. Terroir from terre - land) - a combination of soil and climatic factors and special characteristics of the area (relief, winds, the presence of reservoirs, forests, insolation, the surrounding flora, which determines the varietal characteristics of grapes.

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      Iberia is an ancient Georgian kingdom in the east of modern Georgia! It also included Kakheti, where our wines come from!
Georgia, the conversation about Georgia will sooner or later inevitably be reduced to discussions about wine. It so happened that it was wine that became the main symbol of the country. It is difficult to imagine how the circumstances would have developed if nature had not presented the Georgian people with an invaluable gift - the Alazani River valley with its mild climate and fertile soils, ideal for growing grapes. "Alazani Valley", "Kindzmarauli", "Mukuzani", "Tsinandali" - all these wines are born here, in the Alazani Valley, Kakheti region, in the east of Georgia.

is a brand associated with the best Georgian wines! Centuries-old traditions, special grape varieties that grow only in Georgia, unique technologies and people who make wine who put their love and soul into it - all this makes a divine drink out of ordinary grape juice.


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    Cognacs under the Bakhtrioni trademark were produced by Georgia back in Soviet times and deservedly enjoyed success in the post-Soviet space; in the early 90s of the last century, cognac production was discontinued. In 2016, the Georgian Alco Group holding company decided to revive the Bakhtrioni trademark and launched a line of branded and elite cognacs under this trademark.


Коньяк Вазиани - 5 летней выдержки

Brandy TM "Vaziani" - bottled in Ukraine from Georgian brandy spirits at the production base of PJSC "Odessaavinprom". Brandy TM "Vaziani" is a special drink among Georgian brandies. Its production began in 1978 at the Vartsikhe Brandy Factory, in the manufacture of Vaziani brandies brandy spirits obtained from wines, different grape varieties, cultivated in three wine-making regions of Georgia are used, for many years it has gained well-deserved recognition and many prizes Georgian and international markets. In Ukraine, it is produced according to technological instructions that accurately reproduce the cycle of making brandies TM "Vaziani".

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