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Алазанская долина белое Вазиани ТМ.png

Semi -sweet white wine Alazani Valley TM Vaziani - it is impossible to work with wine with a cold head, it absorbs emotions even faster than water, therefore it does not tolerate aggression. It must be treated with the proper level of professionalism, but also with an open mind, then the product will be of high quality. We think with the Alazani Valley, we succeeded. The wine is made exclusively from Rkatsiteli grapes. Although it is a table one, it has a body, density, winemaker Zurab Kuchukhidze managed to preserve its lightness, softness and freshness of white fruits! Straw-colored wine with golden highlights, distinguished by the varietal aroma of Rkatsiteli, harmonious taste of apples, pears, figs, peaches, with a pleasant light sweetness and excellent aftertaste! We recommend serving white semi-sweet wine Alazani Valley TM Vaziani at a temperature of 10-12 ° С with white meat or fish with sweet and sour sauce and delicate desserts. Connoisseurs of the Alazani Valley TM Vaziani advise drinking it on its own, without eating anything - this light and pleasant wine with an alcohol strength of 11-13% quickly quenches thirst, and intoxication comes gently and gradually.

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