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The winery is holding a full cycle "Georgian Alco Group", is located in the wine region of Georgia, Kakheti, zonule Alazani Valley. 127 hectares of the plant's own vineyards are located next to it, along the banks of the Kisis Khevi River, a tributary of the Alazani River. From the sun of the fertile land, it pours here bunches of grape varieties such as Saperavi, Usakhelauri, Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane, fills them with fragrant juice. All the finest taste qualities of the best grape varieties are harmoniously combined and preserved for           with modern European equipment experienced winemakers who accurately reproduce the ancient technological cycle of wine production, which is so glorious for Georgian wines.  


The second of the primary wineries of the Georgian Alco Group holding is located in the wine-growing region of eastern Georgia, Imereti, 154 hectares of the plant's own vineyards, located in the villages: Zovreti, Sviri, Obcha, Sazano, Kldeeti. Cultivated red grape varieties: Otskhanuri (Imeretian Saperavi), Ojaleshi, Aladasturi, Usakhelauri, Dzvleshavi.

White grape varieties: Tsitska, Tsolikauri, Krakhuna. The vineyards are spread out at the foot of the mountains of the Lesser Caucasian ridge, the subtropical climate and mountain air give the grapes a special taste.

Racha is the oldest wine-growing region of eastern Georgia, where the best grape varieties are grown and excellent wine is produced. It is worth noting that local winemakers still make wine according to traditional production technologies. The unique taste and aroma properties are due to the natural conditions that distinguish Racha. Precisely because on the territory of the Greater Caucasus at night the temperature remains quite low, the wine does not have time to ferment completely. As a result, the residual sugar has a direct impact not only on the taste of the drink, but also on its strength. Here in the region of Racha center, in a small town, they located the primary Winery Holding "Georgian Alco Group", which produces the famous wine Hvanchkara.

Brandy Company holding "Georgian Alco Group" was founded in 1971, vintage cognac KB Download now group, released in 1978. The production used cognac spirits of 6-7 years old, produced from local grape varieties . In 1991-1992 it was completely destroyed, brandy spirits were stolen. Recreated in 2010. Distillation of wine materials is the most important stage in the production of high-quality cognac; for alcohol smoking, a French-made Armagnac-type distillation unit was purchased, which makes it possible to obtain cognac spirits with a particularly delicate aroma and a unique taste and aromatic profile. The plant's technologists and specialists revive the glorious traditions of the production of famous Georgian brandies. On February 16, 2017, he entered the Georgian Alco Group holding .


Компания «Джорджиан Алко Групп» c 2017 года предоставляет транспортно-экспедиторские услуги, в том числе международные контейнерные перевозки грузов по всему миру. Благодаря широкой сети партнеров и накопленному опыту в области морских перевозок, мы можем предложить Вам наиболее эффективные решения по доставке Ваших грузов.

Исходя из потребностей клиента, мы подбираем контейнеры для любого типа груза, с учетом его веса, габарита и других характеристик.

Уже более 6 лет года компания предоставляет полный комплекс услуг по доставке, экспедированию и таможенному оформлению грузов на условиях «от двери до двери». Мы предлагаем качественные услуги в любой стране мира, сотрудничаем со всеми судоходными линиями, и перевозим грузы любым способом: морским, автомобильным, железнодорожным и авиатранспортом.

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