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Brandy TM "Bakhtrioni" is a special drink among Georgian brandies. Its production began in 1978 at the Vartsikhe Brandy Factory, in the manufacture of TM "Bakhtrioni" brandies are used brandy spirits obtained from wines, different grape varieties, cultivated in three wine-making regions of Georgia, for many years it has gained well-deserved recognition and many prizes, both for Georgian and international markets.

Brandy TM "Bakhtrioni" SUPERIOR - three years old, what can you say about it, having tasted it, you will certainly make sure that you are drinking a wine product obtained by distilling wine. For the production of brandy TM "Bakhtrioni" SUPERIOR - three years old, brandy spirits are used, obtained from wines cultivated in Western Georgia (wine-making region of Imereti) of Tsitska and Tsolikauri grape varieties. Tsitska and Tsolikauri have an extraordinary property, the cognac spirit distilled from these grape varieties is distinguished by a special fruity and floral aroma, and then coming into contact with oak and receiving tannins from it, an assimilated and rich bouquet is obtained, in which oak and various floral tones are felt, the taste is very pleasant, soft, not irritating. This drink will warm you up and create special conditions for a pleasant dialogue.

Brandy TM "Bakhtrioni" VVSOP - five years old, we can say about it that this is a transitional product, from a young brandy to an old one. For the production of brandy TM "Bakhtrioni" VVSOP - five years old, brandy spirits are used, obtained from wines, grape varieties Goruli Mtsvane and Chinuri cultivated in the central part of Georgia (wine region of Kartli). A distinctive feature, first of all, is the unique soft taste, enveloping the receptors in a rounded confiture tone with a subtle, slightly expressed chocolate-vanilla shade and an exquisite caramel aftertaste. In the process of its creation, barrels from Iberian oak are used.

For the production of brandy TM "Bakhtrioni" XO - seven years old, brandy alcohol is used, obtained from wine, the Rkatsiteli grape variety, cultivated in Eastern Georgia (Kakheti wine region). An attractive dark amber color with hints of copper. The bouquet of cognac opens gradually, mesmerizing with its elegance and sophistication. The main spice notes are harmoniously complemented by light hints of vanilla and flowers. The taste is complex, soft, enveloping with not pronounced tones of chocolate and dried fruits. Honey and woody nuances give a pleasant balance to the taste. The aftertaste is multifaceted and long with light nutty tones.

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