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Коньяк Вазиани - 3 летней выдержки
Коньяк Вазиани - 5 летней выдержки

Vaziani cognac - three-year-old, is made exclusively from Georgian brandy spirits of three-year aging. The youngest cognac of the classic Vaziani collection. In the bouquet there is no extract and sophistication of aged cognacs, but grape tones are pronounced, alternating with notes of flowering meadow, almond, dry tobacco leaf. The taste is soft and enveloping, with a slight piquant astringency in the aftertaste.

Коньяк Вазиани - 4 летней выдержки

Vaziani Cognac 4 years old - made from cognac distillates of a minimum age of 4 years, aged in Georgian Iberian oak barrels. The blend also uses 15-year-old alcohols obtained from Tsolikauri grapes grown in western Georgia. It is characterized by a pleasant amber-golden color; oak tones are clearly visible in the bouquet. The taste is harmoniously mixed notes of dried fruits and chocolate-resinous shades. In an empty glass, the aroma of vanilla and white raisins remains for a long time.

Vaziani Cognac 5 years old is the flagship brandy of the brand. The basis of the blend is made up of 5-year-old cognac distillates; the composition also uses alcohols that are up to 30 years old. Cognac distillates are produced exclusively in Georgia from the Chinuri, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane grapes harvested in the Kakheti region. Aromas of dried apricots, peaches, prunes are combined with floral tones, sweet spices are clearly visible. The drink needs to breathe for about 10 minutes, then the characteristic oak astringency and light nutty shade "wake up". As the flavor develops, notes of creamy chocolate and vanilla are revealed. Good as a digestif, can be served with a cup of coffee and a not too strong cigar.

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