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Saperavi is a dry red table wine made from selected Saperavi grapes grown in the Alazani Valley. It is distinguished by its dark ruby color, is distinguished by its extract, harmonious taste and pleasant astringency. Soil and climatic conditions of the Alazani Valley create ideal conditions for the production of red wines. In the left-bank part of the Alazani Valley, where the vineyards of Akura LLC are located, brown-loess and humus-carbonate soils predominate, which are best suited for the cultivation of Saperavi grapes.

The optimal ratio of precipitation and the amount of active temperatures, the absence of frost during flowering, ripening and harvesting of grapes gives a varied range of possibilities for creating Saperavi wine.

When serving, the serving temperature of the wine should reach: 14–16 ° С.

The wine goes well with meat dishes.

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