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Kindzmarauli is a semi-sweet red table wine made from Saperavi grapes grown in the Kindzmarauli microzone. The Kindzmarauli microzone is located in the Alazani Valley on an area of 120 hectares, at the junction of the Duruji River with the Alazani River.

The wine has a dark garnet color with a violet hue, velvety-tart harmonious taste, has a characteristic bright varietal aroma and bouquet with impressive tones of cherry and blackberry. The alcohol content in the finished wine reaches 10.5-12.0%, sugar 3-5 g / / 100 cm³, and its titratable acidity is 5.0-7.0 g / dm³.

The grapes for the production of Kindzmarauli wine are harvested with a sugar content of at least 22%, and then crushed with comb separation. Wine materials are prepared according to the classical scheme by incomplete fermentation of the pulp at a temperature of 28 -32 ° C to 5 -7 grams / 100 cubic centimeters of residual sugars.

The wine goes well with fruits and desserts. As experts say, it goes best with grilled meat.

At international exhibitions, the wine was awarded a bronze, 4 silver and 3 gold medals. The production of Kindzmarauli wine began in 1942. By the 2010 law of Georgia on the controlled regions of origin of wines, the name Kindzmarauli is included in the list of appellations (appellation is a clearly delineated territory within which a unique ecosystem (climate, soil, wind, humidity) has developed) Georgia and wine producers cannot use it outside of a specific geographical region.

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