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Алазанская долина, белое ТМ Гелати.png

Alazani Valley - semi-sweet white table wine. It is produced from the Rkatsiteli grape variety grown in the Alazani Valley. Rkatsiteli grapes, for the production of Alazani Valley wine, semisweet white is harvested with a sugar content of at least 22%, and then crushed with ridging. The production technology of the drink is somewhat different than that of the Alazani Valley wine - semi-sweet red. In this case, the wort is fermented, and only then the sugar level is brought to the desired value. The result is a very harmonious combination of all organoleptic characteristics.

The wine has a pale straw color and has a unique fruity taste that lasts a long time in the mouth. The aroma of the wine contains subtle notes of fresh foliage, which gives it a special tenderness and lightness.

When serving, its serving temperature should reach: 14 - 16 ° С.

Wine will be a good addition to the dessert. Fruit can also be used, but it's best not to mix the flavors so as not to spoil the overall experience of the great drink.

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