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Коньяк Бахтриони 3 летней выдержки
Вина Иберия
коньяк Бахтриони
Вино Вазиани Пиросмани
Коньяк Вазиани - 5 летней выдержки
Вино Гелати Мукузани
Вино Иберия Мукузани

Georgia is the oldest wine-producing region in the world. Archaeologists manage to find the seeds of cultivated grape varieties dating back to several millennia BC. The country has more than five hundred grape varieties of its own, of which more than a dozen can be used in winemaking. Due to the diverse climate of the five wine-growing regions of Georgia, conditions are created that are suitable for each grape variety. One of them is Kakheti. These places have fertile soils, a mild climate, an abundance of waters and forests, a varied and luxurious nature. Since time immemorial, Kakheti has become the main wine-growing and wine-growing region of the country. In the very heart of Kakheti, irrigated by the rivers Alazani and Agrichay, there is the famous Alazani Valley, along the entire length of which vineyards stretch. In the Alazani Valley itself there are micro-zones (Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Napareuli, etc.), where the soil and natural conditions are different. Kakhetian wines are known all over the world. About 70 different types of wine are produced here.


      In order to reduce the cost of Georgian wines for the Ukrainian consumer, on July 4, 2017, a licensing agreement was signed between the holding company "Georgian Alco Group", Georgia and PJSC "Yuzhnaya Vinokurnya", Ukraine, for bottling Georgian wines TM Vaziani on the production base .... .......

About company
The Georgian Alco Group holding company was founded in 2014. The holding merged 3 - wineries and a horse factory located in different wine regions of Georgia. The main goals of the holding are to conquer new market sectors, reduce overall costs, effective management, achieve price stability, optimize sales and costs ........
      Our Brands
Wine under the Gelati trademark, produced by Georgia back in Soviet times and deservedly enjoyed success in the post-Soviet space, in the early 90s of the last century, wine production was discontinued ...
      Brandy TM "Bakhtrioni" is a special drink among Georgian brandies. Its production began in 1978 at the Vartsikhe Brandy Factory, in the manufacture of TM "Bakhtrioni" brandies are used brandy spirits obtained from wines, different varieties of grapes ...                             
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