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Tsinandali TM Iberia white dry is a stunning grape product from the collection of white vintage wines of Georgia.

Tsinandali TM Iberia dry white wine controlled appellation by origin, included by the Georgian National Wine Agency in the collection of the best Georgian wines.

In Tsinandali - the sourness is crystal, like a tear of human mystery - this is how the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko described his taste sensations from savoring elegant wine.
Indeed, tasting wine Tsinandali TM Iberia, one feels a pleasant sour taste, which can be poetically called "crystal", then acquiring a delicate citrus hue.
The taste is based on light astringency with a woody note, acquired due to the content in oak containers, as well as a rich fruity bouquet with notes of meadow and mountain flowers.
However, taste buds of tasters "catch" various nuances: some quince or apple, some peach, some feel the aftertaste of tropical fruits, and there are those who long feel the soft nutty range of first-class wine in their mouths.

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