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Saperavi TM Iberia red dry - a visiting card of Georgian winemaking!

Saperavi TM Iberia red dry - wine of regional importance with guaranteed quality, introduced by the National Wine Agency of Georgia to the collection of the best Georgian wines.

Saperavi is one of the most outstanding wines in Georgia. The wine got its name directly from the Saperavi grape variety, which is its basis. Saperavi means paint, which confirms a key characteristic of both grape varieties and wine. Usually red grapes in the section are whitish or greenish. Saperavi is distinguished by its ruby-colored pulp. This is what gives Saperavi wine an extraordinary purple hue with a purple tint. Young wine Saperavi TM Iberia is drunk very easily, leaving a delicate aroma in the aftertaste and has a tart taste. Its taste is so specific that it is able to oversaturate the taste buds of a person in just one sip, the pronounced taste of prunes, blackberries and black currants. Due to its rich color, it is often referred to as an opaque red wine.

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