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Mukuzani TM Iberia red dry - you can talk for years, because over the years it only gets better!

Mukuzani TM Iberia dry red wine controlled appellation by origin, included by the Georgian National Wine Agency in the collection of the best Georgian wines.

The unique appellations (microzones) of Georgia include Mukuzani, located in the village of Mukuzani in the eastern part of Georgia, in Inner Kakheti. Mukuzani can rightfully be called one of the trend brands of Georgia and one of the most delicious gifts of its fertile lands. The secret of Mukuzani TM Iberia wine is a combination of two factors. The first is the unique climate in the Mukuzani appellation (microzone), where the Saperavi grape variety from which the wine is made has amazing taste and aroma characteristics. And the second most important is that it is aged for two years in Iberian oak barrels. Before serving, the wine is cooled to 14-16 ° C Sommeliers and tasters describe the taste of the aged Mukuzani TM Iberia as structured, velvety, round and slightly astringent, in which berry notes of cherry and prunes are clearly felt. The taste of this dry wine, due to the richness of the drink, is quite long-lasting and has a tart, spicy, but very pleasant, “warm” aftertaste with soft shades of oak. Mukuzani TM Iberia is definitely created to decorate a generous table: the drink has a bright, noble dark cherry, pomegranate color. The aroma of the wine echoes its taste: notes of oak give way to the sweet smells of prunes and cherries, combined with an unobtrusive aroma of spices. Despite the fact that Mukuzani TM Iberia is often called a wine with a complex character, it is combined with many dishes. First of all, these are, of course, traditional Georgian meat dishes (barbecue and grill) and hot snacks, and as a side dish it is best to choose vegetable salads and another recognizable Georgian product - sheep cheese.

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