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Kindzmarauli TM Iberia semi-sweet red is an amazing grape product from the collection of red vintage wines of Georgia.

Kindzmarauli TM Iberia red semi-sweet - wine controlled appellation by origin, included by the Georgian National Wine Agency in the collection of the best Georgian wines.

Kindzmarauli TM Iberia, like love, all ages are submissive. Let the outstanding classic not be offended, as connoisseurs of wines of different ages admire the aroma and taste of luxurious wine.
The wine has a velvety texture. Each sip of enchanting wine, as if disintegrating into small atoms in the mouth, envelops the taste buds with a delicately tart languor, soft fringe of wonderful sensations, dominated by juicy notes of black currant, blackberry, cherry, pomegranate and prune.
Too overcooling Georgia's wine heritage when serving is not worth it. The fruity bouquet of the enchanting drink will harmoniously open at 14-16 degrees. Grilled dishes will come in handy, various meat delicacies will emphasize the depth of red wine.

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