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Гелати Элит  Мукузани.png

Wine Mukuzani Grand Reserve 2014 red dry - created from Saperavi grapes harvested from the vineyards of the Akura winery, in the microzone (appellation) Mukuzani, Kakheti region, Georgia. 2014 turned out to be a very successful year for the Saperavi grape harvest in Kakheti. Acura winery vineyards are controlled to limit yields. The wine is aged for 24 months in unused Iberian oak barrels. The wine is dark ruby color. The aroma is full of bright and thick fruit and berry tones: black currant, blackberry, dried cherry, dried plum. The taste of the wine is round, fully structured, velvety, revealing notes of ripe black berries, tart with tannins. Astringent, tannic spicy finish.

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