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Alazani Valley TM Iberia semi - sweet red - young wines have no “bouquet”, but
they have a scent. The Greeks called this word something fragrant, fragrant. In wine criticism, “bouquet” differs from “aroma” as a color film from black and white.

Alazani Valley TM Iberia red semi-sweet - wine of regional importance with guaranteed quality, included by the Georgian National Wine Agency in the collection of the best Georgian wines.

The taste of this wine completely fills all human taste buds in a split second. Its texture is velvety. A feature of this wine is unobtrusive astringency. The aftertaste lasts for a long time, and its trail causes indescribable sensations.
If you close your eyes for a minute and take a sip of wine, it will seem that you are eating juicy ripe blackberries. The aroma of the wine consists of sweet aromas of prunes, cherries and blackberries, combined with the subtle aroma of the Saperavi grapes itself. The wine has a deep ruby color.

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