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 Gelati, this settlement in western Georgia, it is famous that Gelati is there located a monastery of our Theotokos is the most considerable medieval monastery in Georgia. Center of church and cultural life, a monastery was founded by a tsar by David IV by Builder in 1106 and became his burial vault. A cathedral church was built 1125 to and five years adorned oneself mosaics that is honoured by the best in all Transcaucasia. At that time a monastery was the residence of Gelati of academy the members of that were vividly interested in ancient Greek philosophy., monument of World heritage (1994).
Wine under the trademark Gelati, manufactured by Georgia  as early as soviet times and it Deservedly enjoyed success in the post-Soviet space, at the beginning of 90th  of past century the production of wine was stopped
 Holding company "Georgian Alco Group" in 2016, decided to revive the Gelati trademark and launched the production line of canteens, vintage and elite wines, under this trademark


Bakhtrioni or Bakhtrion fortress (ხტრაონისიც ხეიხე) is a cult place in Georgian history and culture. It is located in the Akhmeta district of Kakheti, 4 kilometers from the center of the town of Ahmet. Such events as Bakhtryon's rebellion and the battle of Bakhtryon are connected with Bakhtrioni. In six cities of Georgia there is Bakhtrioni Street, on the saburtalinskaya metro line in Tbilisi, at one time there was a station "Bakhtrioni", later renamed "Vazha-Pshavela". I hope you have already understood the place of Bakhtrioni in the popular consciousness.
    Cognacs under the brand name Bakhtrioni were produced by Georgia back in Soviet times and deservedly enjoyed success in the post-Soviet space, in the early 90s of the last century production of cognac was discontinued. Holding company "Georgian Alco Group" in 2016, decided to revive the trade mark of Bakhtrioni and launched a line of branded and elite cognacs under this brand.


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