Georgia the most ancient region of the world on the production of wine. Archaeologists succeed to find the seed of sorts of the cultivated vine, related to a few millenniums to our era. Own sorts of vine, a country counts more than five hundred, from that more than ten can be used in the vine making. Due to the various climate of five vine-making regions of Georgia, terms suitable to every sort of vine are created. One of them, there is Kakheti. In these places there are Fertile soils, mild climate, abundance of waters and forests, various and luxurious nature. From time immemorial Kakheti  became the main viticulturist and vine-making district of country. In the heart of Кахетии, the irrigable the rivers of Alazani and Agrichai is located the famous Алазанская valley, vineyards sprawled on all length of that. In Alazani microzone (Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Napareuli and other.) are located a valley, where soil and environmental conditions are different, Kakheti wines are known in the whole world. Here produce about 70 different types of wine

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