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Алазанская долина, красное ТМ Гелати.png

Alazani Valley is a semi-sweet red wine made from Saperavi grapes grown in the Alazani Valley. The grapes for the production of wine Alazani Valley are harvested with a sugar content of at least 22%, and then crushed with comb separation. Wine materials are prepared according to the classical scheme by incomplete fermentation of the pulp at a temperature of 28 -32 ° C to 5 -7 grams / 100 cubic centimeters of residual sugars.

The result is a wine with a fresh, pleasant bouquet and light sweetness on the palate. The color of the drink usually ranges from bright red to dark pomegranate, with a slight purple tint.

When serving, its serving temperature should reach: 14 - 16 ° С.

This wine is well served with dessert, various cheeses or fruits. But it's best to drink it separately from other foods. This way you can fully experience the velvety taste with light sourness and natural sweetness, as well as the most delicate aroma of wine and a light, pleasant aftertaste.

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